Goa is the most popular tourist destination visited by many all throughout the year. With its exciting nightlife and natural beauty of the place with lengthy coastlines and swaying palm trees along the coast. If you want to experience some adventure then head out to the sea and enjoy some delightful rides. Banana boat ride is the most thrilling activity in the sea and you can see families and friends get together to enjoy this group activity. Flying in the air and flipping in the water is what makes this ride most interesting. A group of four to six people balance themselves on a inflatable boat shaped like a banana and tagged to a motor boat. The high speeds of the boat against the water flips the banana in the air and you can truly test your balancing skills while you ride it.  Children and adults can enjoy this sports are you are well protected with a life jacket and don’t have to fear the water.

30 Minutes Available on request
What we'll give. What we won't

What is included in the tour

life jacket

What is NOT included in the tour

no insurrance

What makes this tour special
  • Utmost safety of adults and children ensured while taking the ride
  • Fun low impact activity which does not require any riding skills