As voted by our clients! We are voted as the best adventure travel agency in Goa because we are fully committed to serving our clients and making sure we get you to your destination and back without fuss! Dream Adventure was established in 2014 and we are proud to say


We offer exceptional adventure water sports services in Goa and guarantee you will be impressed by our hard-working staff that goes above and beyond for you!  We work with online supplier sites along with direct airline, hotel, car and tour representatives to help provide you with a total travel solution. Technology is complex enough without having multiple web providers and numerous travel sites all tacked onto each other. When it comes to finalizing your trip, we’ll take the stress out – we’ll present the answers in one place. With a client base built up of over many years working in corporate, meetings, incentives, conferences and groups we’ve learned to listen, anticipate and provide results.

We can arrange your travel and accommodations help plan your local activities, and ensure a welcome break from typical vacation trips. Each day can bring a new amazing adventure or a relaxing retreat.

The specific objectives of the company include:

  • To manage all the adventure travel requirements of the companies while providing ease and sort of convenience to the customers.
  • To add value to the adventure travel sector of state of Goa
  • To offer the traveling services at very reasonable prices
  • To offer an amazing experience of Water Sports Activities in Goa
  • Specifically established to take over the responsibility of planning and managing the travel requirements of your company whilst providing convenience to your travelers and adding value to your travel spend.
  • Seeking a challenging career opportunity as Adventure Travel Agent where in our skill and experience are utilized to the fullest.

We aim to be recognized as the industry leader for our unique and innovative products and our specialized high quality and value added services. Avoid the commonplace of an ordinary beach vacation! Come to Dream Adventure and have a great holiday with unique sites and wonderful thrills at a reasonable cost.