Exciting Adventure Activities in Goa - Thrilling holiday

The tiny state of Goa is a tropical paradise and is known all over for its beaches and the laid back lifestyle of the people. Situated on the west coast of India with one part of the country completely surrounded by the Arabian Sea, there is a long stretch of beautiful beaches. Though there are a number of places to go sightseeing, there are also various other activities to indulge in. The location and topography of the land makes room for a number of adventure activities in Goa. For years the state has been famed for these activities with travelers from all over the world coming to Goa to enjoy a thrilling holiday. Be it majestic waterfalls or the alluring beaches, the activities that are available here are not just water borne but there are also a number of land activities that could be attempted. Moreover, there is no restriction to the time of the year in which Goa can be visited since the weather that the state receives both during the summers as well as the winters is mild compared to the rest of the country while there are adventurous activities available during the monsoons as well. The adventurous activities that are available are not restricted to any age group with a vast variety of options available allowing you to make your holiday in Goa to be a family affair. There is also no specific training that is required for most of the activities that are offered, neither do you need to be really very fit to engage in these activities. This is the best way to get away from your daily schedule and add some fun to your life.


Some of the best activities in Goa

The adventure activities that are available in Goa are conducted by trained experts who give the highest priority to safety making this the best place to try them out. The activities are guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping. This is a paradise for adventure buffs. The list of adventure activities in Goa is long with activities like flyboarding, parasailing, kayaking, speed boating, kite surfing, jet skiing, hot air balloon ride, paragliding being just a few of the activities that are available here. Besides these, there are also a few leisure activities like dolphin and crocodile viewing as well as boat cruises that could be tried. The boat cruises in Goa are unique, the cruise involves drifting on the still backwaters and overlooking the city in the distance with the colorful billboards visible in the distance. Though the same activities could be tried out at other destinations too, the thrill of experiencing them is Goa is completely unique because of the surrounding that Goa is accustomed to. For instance, while on a cycle tour, the views that you get to witness are spectacular. Similarly, scuba diving gives exposure the deep ocean beds, coral reefs and marine as well as the wrecks of the Portuguese Gallons and World War II vessels that were submerged in the ocean and still continue to be there.