Fishing in Goa is a very famous activity that involves a lot of fun and excitement. The beaches and the tropical surroundings make Goa an ideal place for fishing and it is enjoyed by both locals and tourists alike. 

Dream Adventure offers wide – ranging fishing services and has first rate facilities for the angling enthusiast. You can even check out the fishing gear before you leave on the boat trip. As you ride the waves you’d love to spot Dolphins on the way. On arrival at Grand Island, the boat drops anchor. Not known to many tourists, Goa has a couple of islands of its own. Goa is a land of islands (old name of the state was Simhala and Gomantdweepa both indicating islands). Goa has more than 40 estuarine, 8 marine and about 90 riverine islands.

3 Hours Available on request
What we'll give. What we won't

What is included in the tour

  • Fishing Gear 
  • Service Tax

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Pick up and drop
  • Insurance
What makes this tour special

A 3-4 hour sport fishing adventure, fishing for red snapper, threadfin, salmon, crevalle, barracudas, wahoo, tuna, bonitos, perch, reef cod, croakers and trevally, to name but a few.

You’ll be just off the coast of the wondrous beaches of Goa, where you were probably sunning yourself the day before, and will probably be sunning yourself tomorrow. Some of the beaches even take their name from “Land of the Fishermen,” and when you see the colorful fishing boats bobbing about, you’ll soon see why.