Things To Do In North Goa On A Budget

Things To Do In North Goa On A Budget

When you are holidaying in Goa you don’t have to worry about spending too much as there are many affordable tours that will let your experience Goa within your budget. From churches to forts, fairs, beach and watersports you can make the most of your vacation here and take back great memories of this land of sun and sand. We have listed a few things to do in Goa which won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Old Goa Church

One of the UNESCO world heritage sites of Goa, Old Goa church also called Basílica do Bom Jesus during the Portuguese times. The basilica holds the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier who died in later and was later cremated in Goa; his body is still preserved in a glass coffin that is exposed to the general public to pay their respects in December every 10 years. It also concludes with the Feast of St. Xaviers in December which is visited by tourists all over world.

Aguada Fort

Aguada Fort

The best preserved Portuguese structure in Goa is the Aguada Fort. It was built in 16th Century to restrict entry into river Mandovi and to protect Old Goa from attacks in the old days. The name is derived from the fresh water spring located in the vicinity. The fort is 5 metres high and 1.3 metres wide. The fort has a light house which was an oil lamp and was later renovated. It also had a gigantic bell which was later moved to the Panjim Church. Very close to the lighthouse is the Aquada jail where there is no entry for public and the millionaire’s house Palacio of Jimmy Gazdar.

Vagator Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in Goa that has soft white sand and huge black rocks is the Vagator Beach. Lined with coconut palms this beach is famous as it is secluded and has dynamic cliffs. There are two beaches you can visit here, the small vagator call Ozran that has accommodations and famous for parties and Big Vagator which is the main beach that has shacks, shopping and water sports. The best quality nightlife, music, and accommodations to choose from in Vagator and you can never get bored in this place.

Saturday Night Market

The Saturday night market starts at dusk and open from November to April during the peak tourist season in Goa. The market has everything that you can think of from spices to vintage items, jewellery and designer wear to Indian local traders who sell goods. The party and music goes on till 2 am in the morning and you will get to see a lot of artists playing in the centre stage with food stalls all around. Taste the best cuisine around here where Goa’s local flavours and many European snacks are available like pancakes, waffles, hot dogs etc.

Jet Ski and Paragliding

Calangute and Candolim beaches are well known places to visit in Goa not just for food and the sunsets but mostly you will see the water sport activities that take place on these crowded beaches. Most popular amongst them is Jet Ski and paragliding. These don’t require any training and if you are confident enough to ride on the water or fly high in the sky then anyone above the age of 13 can do these activities. Jet Ski will let you drive a water scooter on the waves and it’s absolutely safe as you have a life jacket and some guidelines to follow. Paragliding is done with a glider tied to the end of a speed boat which will pop you up in the air where you get to see the beautiful scenic view of Goa from the skies high above.

Make the most of your stay in Goa

While you go on looking for things to do in North Goa, do pick up the souvenirs from this place like sea shell and coconut handicrafts, cashews and local goan sweets like bebinca and dodol. Some art paintings by the famous artist Mario Miranda of Goa. Pack a piece of this land and take back home and you can get great bargains at the fairs and stalls at the markets.

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