Spend your vacation in the sunny land and the thrill of the sea with water rides in Goa

Spend your vacation in the sunny land and the thrill of the sea with water rides in Goa

While Goa is famous for its beaches and water sports and enjoyed by all including children and old. There are some water sports that only the most experienced can dare to try. Here are some of the water sports for that adrenaline rush which challenges the sea water creature in you.

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting is best done in monsoon season when the water flow in the rivers is high. Before joining for this water sports you will have to undergo training and follow guideline to avoid any mishaps. The Mhadei river is a challenging ride considering its tricky rapid which have to be navigated with a boat or a raft. The routes that are chosen will depend on the level of difficulty that you would like to take in the water routes. It is advisable to wear body hugging clothes and sneakers with a firm grip. For women the hair should be neatly tied to avoid any vision restriction.

Water Skiing

If you like speed and balance then Water Skiing is the sports for you. You are ventured into the deep sea with the speed boat connected with a rope that has a pair of skis. The speed of the boat will help the skiers to stay afloat and balance on water. Water Skiing is to be done by adults who are healthy and can balance on water as it has a tendency to flip you off the ski and land in water. Stamina to firmly grip the ski rope and guiding yourself on water is the art.

Wake Boarding

Wakeboarding is the most exhilarating water sports in Goa. The thrill and excitement of this ride is not just in the balance but the skills to manoeuvre the waves in water. The ride starts with a wakeboard tied to a speed boat. When the boat moves at high speed you have to balance on a wakeboard, and not just balance but jump on the waves if need be. Wakeboarding is a chance for fit experienced enthusiasts to show their skill and talents on water.

Kite Surfing

Considered one of the most extreme sports and only done by experienced individuals, this high thrill sport is enjoyed by a powerful kite several feet above in the sky. A perfect mix of surfing, wakeboarding and water skiing. This sport is best done in the mornings during summers when it’s not too strong and gusty. Since this requires a lot of skill there is training provided for individuals interested in this activity.

Surf Boarding

Stand-up paddle boarding on the waves is the fund and excitement water sports called Surf Board. Before you venture into the sea and try this thrilling sport you need to learn from the instructor the meaning of terms like forehand turns, paddling and wave riding. The basic warm-up and the sand session cover the fundamentals of surfing. So put on your wet suit and collect your surfboard and head to the sea. You can also try a variation, the paddle boat that employs an upright stance on their boards and uses a paddle to propel the rider forth. Enjoy this sport as per your requirements for 1 Hour, 2 Hours or 6 Hours.

Wind Surfing

If you want to get the thrill of both surfing and sailing then try Windsurfing. Enjoyed by most expert sailors, if you have experience surfing then this will help you navigate the winds better. The technique is to balance you on a surfboard and cruise through the waves. If you are a beginner then Dona Paula bay is the perfect place to start, this beach has a light morning breeze that helps you learn the technique.

Speed Boating

Speed boating is one of the most favoured from adventure rides by tourists. The water sports are more for a ride then any strenuous activity but the speed is the thrill in this ride. The boats going from 15 to 20 mph you can as well feel the wind in your face. You will need to wear a mandatory life jacket and accompanied by guides. The speed of this activity depends on the boat, the heavier the boat it can accommodate more people and go at a heart beating speed.

The fun has just begun in the water world

The waters of the coastal regions of Goa have many such places with high tides which can give you the adrenaline rush. You can head to some of the popular beaches in South Goa like Mobor and Palolem to try more variety in water sports like Hot air balloon or diving into the deep sea. The fun does not end here it’s just the beginning of long journey of adventure and thrill.

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