Souvenirs To Pick Up On Goa Sightseeing Tour

Souvenirs To Pick Up On Goa Sightseeing Tour

Goa has many historic heritage sites to visit like Basilica of Bom Jesus, Mangueshi temple and the Panjim church. You can also take a cruise down river mandovi and enjoy water sports at Anjuna, Baga, Sinquerim etc. Dine out at beach shacks and pick up some lovely souvenirs while you are shopping. This is a piece of Goa that you can take back with you and we have listed the things to buy in Goa from this land of sun, sand and the sea.

Azulejos Tile paintings of Mario Miranda

Azulejos tiles are found everywhere in Goa depicting the Goan lifestyle as seen by Mario Miranda. Mario is a famous painter from Goa world famous for his Goan paintings of the susegad life of Goa or the busy fish market or lanes of Goa that tell a tale of the good old days gone by. You can see the typical blue and white drawings on tiles, plates and mugs. The black and white and colourful are also seen as paintings and postcard. You can pick up the picture that resonates with you and take it for your home decor.

Traditional Kunbi Saris of the locals

This humble forgotten sari was made world famous by Goa’s own fashion designer Wendell Roderick who showcased it in a very different light on the runways. A typical red coloured sari worn by local tribal women in the old days and some older women wear it till date. The red and while block prints of this design is now seen in many restaurants as a traditional table cloth or worn for the dances on cruise ship events and local festivals.

Sea Shell and Coconut Handicrafts

Two of the most seen items on the beach which you will find in abundance here in Goa are the sea shells and the coconut trees. Shells of different variety which is a home to some of the sea creatures like the crabs and artistically natural design sea shells are available for sale in different shapes and varieties. Coconut palm tress the symbol of Goas beauty with every part of it used for house roofs, firework, ropes, and tender coconut water and coconut feni. Beautiful handicrafts are designed out of the coconut fruit and the leaves like ashtrays, spoons etc and they will never go out of style. Take this organic masterpiece for your home.

Cashew Nuts and Feni

The local produce of Goa is the Cashew tree and the Coconut palm, both have its fruits and nectar sold in every nook and corner of Goa. The cashew nuts are exported all over the world and is one of the most expensive dry fruit item. The nectar of these trees is an intoxicated local drink which only a few people can savour, it was used a medicinal tonic in the old days by evaporating the liquor. You can take the spirits of Goa in a bottle when you go back as a piece of this land.

Bebinca and Dodol Sweets

Every sweet in goa is made from coconut milk and sugar. While bebinca is made layer by layer adding eggs and flour as a non vegetarian option, Dodol is a dark colored sweet made from local palm jiggery and nuts. During the season of Christmas in December these are made in every home for gifting and sold in the bakeries. You can take a piece of this typical wobbly sweet for an after meal healthy dessert option.

Chorizo Pao fermented with Vinegar

Chorizo Pao fermented with Vinegar

Goa is a meat loving state and sells fermented meat with vinegar and salt at all goan festivals and markets. This is best enjoyed with the local bread called the Pao or a healthy wheat variety known as the Poi. Eaten with lots of salads and potatoes in some cases this savour meat dish is best enjoyed with a drink of Urak or Feni. Pack some for your trip back home if your love to eat the bright red masala meat which is preserved for days on end in some homes.

More treats to choose from the endless list

If you still have place in your bags then there are many other items to pick up before you leave Goa. The clay pots or the typical pans to cook fish curry and the coconut ladle spoons. Beach items like hats and colourful tshirts or more variety of sweets made during the festive months. Goa has an endless list and you will surely come back on your next trip here.

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