Visit the Dive Sites for Scuba Diving at Grande Island

Visit the Dive Sites for Scuba Diving at Grande Island

Scuba diving is an underwater sport that can be enjoyed by expert and beginners as it can be done in shallow water. With training for basic and advanced courses scuba diving helps your dive underwater with the help of a breathing mouth apparatus and artificial oxygen tube you can inhale and exhale through your mouth underwater and get a glimpse of the best marine life under water. Not a difficult sport and you don’t need to be a swimmer to try this so let’s talk about Grande Island and a few islands close to it for scuba diving which you can choose

Grande Island

Grande Island also known as Bat Island is the best place to engage in water sports activities. Scuba diving is one such sport that has gained popularity around this island. Situated a few kms away from south Goa at Vasco da Gama the island can be reached by a sailing from the Bogmalo beach.

Sail Rock

Sail Rock is located just 1 km south west from Grande Island, with its sloping walls and a pinnacle jutting out from the sea on the surface of the water, you can dive off from this rock and take a dive below in the water and do Scuba Diving and see fishes like Giant Barracuda, Tuna, sharks, Eagle Rays and Red Snapper. It also has some small fish like Blue Ringed angelfish, Moorish Idols, Bannerfish and Yellowtail Snappers. The Currents in this area are strong and hence it’s advised that only expert scuba divers dive in this place.

The Jetty

This dive site is located near the Old Jetty of Grande Island, on the north western tip of Grande Island. Scuba diving is preferred here as the water is shallow and of 8 metres depth. This place has an abundance of marine life like lionfish and mullets and coral reefs. If you are lucky you can spot a shark as well. nudibranchs are seen here due to vegetation. Shrimp Gobies also make their home around the sandy patches

Shelter Cove

To the northeast of Grande Island, Shelter Cove has a maximum depth of 6 meters. A channel along the rocks makes this ideal for scuba diving here. You go down the channel timing with the surge and suddenly you will find yourself amidst thousands of fish. The sandy patch is the perfect setting to carry out open water training. You can view stonefish, lionfish, triggerfish, angelfish, parrotfish, and also a variety of corals.
Hawksbill Turtles have also been spotted on some occasions. Watch out for lobsters too, and also the sandy bottom where squids and cuttlefish come to lay their eggs.

Suzy’s Wreck

SS Rita, a British cargo vessel which was built 50 years ago sank near the Grand Island around 1950. The stern broke and settled some 600 ms away at a site called Davy Jones Locker. The hull of the ship is now overgrown with corals, and as is common to all shipwrecks, marine life has found a new home in the wreck. Big groupers make their home inside the hold. Scorpionfish are seen on the deck and railings. Divers can come across such tropical fish like Barracuda, Batfish, Angelfish, Snappers, Lionfish, Sweetlips, Scorpionfish, Parrotfish, Moorish idols, Bannerfish, Groupers, Moray Eels, Puffers, Boxfish, Flounders, Stargazers, Squid and Rays. There are no strong undercurrents, which further makes scuba diving much easier.

Umma Gumma Reef

Located about 0.6 km southeast of Grande Island. Current and surge is normally expected. It is an interesting site due to its underwater features. You can swim with barracuda, big groupers, parrotfish, tuna, anglerfish, surgeonfish, triggerfish, angelfish, porcupine fish etc. Beautiful coral formations make it a delight for underwater photography. Both beginners and experienced divers can go to this site.

The journey to Grande Island is exciting in itself

You can spot dolphins in the deep sea while on the way to the island. Clear visibility of the waters allows you to see the ocean life at close range. You can come across colourful fishes, coral reefs, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, lobsters, turtles, and other forms of aquatic life. Besides, you can explore the ruins of WWII warships and sunken vessels that lie submerged on the sea floor. And when hunger pranks strike you can also head to the Monkey Island Beach on Grande Island for some lip smacking barbeque fish & chicken and also some veggie delights.

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