How to Spend Your Day – Island Trip Goa

How to Spend Your Day – Island Trip Goa

Goa is home to some clean natural islands like the Grand Island, Bat Island etc. You can plan a full day’s trip to one of these islands and enjoy various activities around the place. Your journey to the beautiful island starts with a Boat trip, book online for the tour mentioning the number of people so a suitable boat can be booked for your family and friends. You will be picked up from your hotel in the morning and transported to the nearest jetty where you trip starts. The boat is fully equipped with all safety equipments with light snacks and drinks to make this trip a memorable one. We have listed a few things to do on your boat trip to the island. Combine your boat trips with other water sports activities to choose from like jet skiing or paragliding etc.

Dolphin sightseeing

If you are taking a boat trip from the Sinquerim jetty in North Goa then you can do the dolphin safari tour. You will get to spot the Indo-Pacific Humpback dolphins which are grey in color with pink patches. They have a hump behind their dorsal fins. Since they are friendly creatures you can get to see them often up-close on the tour. The shy Finless Porpoises is a gray colored dolphin not frequently seen on the tour as they are very fast.

Go Fishing

Fishing tours are a great hit among tourist and you can take a customized fishing excursion on your boat trip. Equipped with all the fishing equipments and expert instructions you can try your luck for a catch of groupers, barracudas, king mackerels, red snappers with some practice and patience. It is advised not to drink while going fishing as you may fall sick. Also protect yourself from the scorching sun by applying sunscreen.

BBQ on the beach

After a tiring fishing trip, you will head to the Monkey beach where there is a BBQ and buffet for the hungry tummy. The fresh catch of the day is marinated with spices and grilled on the coal fire for a smoky delicacy. Other lip smacking vegetarian and non vegetarian options are served with drinks for a relishing meal.

Picnic on the island

After some good relaxation time, the boat will drop you to the Hansa beach. It’s a small restricted area beach with no commercialization where you can swim in the clean beach. Choose to play a game of football or volleyball or some relaxing dart games. Watch the sunset or go out for other adventure water sports.

Scuba diving and Snorkeling

Scuba diving in Goa for non swimmers

The scuba and snorkeling activities can only be done if you are trained and certified, the Grande island has multiple islands where these activities are done like the umma gumma reef, suzys wreck, the jetty, shelter cove etc. Special equipments are required to do these water sports activities so they have to be booked in advance. For beginners who cannot swim pool training will have to be take with a trained PADI guide before going the these trips. Photos and videos of your underwater tour will be provided.

More activities to choose as per your convenience

If you are taking a trip to the other islands then check out for other activities to do like kayaking and crab fishing, these are specialized tours which have to be booked in advance. You can also take nature trips to Divar Island or Chorao Island for a picnic and swimming in the rivers. Make sure you take a trip with professional as you will be taken care of incase of any emergency.

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