Enjoy water sports in Goa while on your next vacation

Enjoy water sports in Goa while on your next vacation

The coastal belt of Goa gets busy after the monsoons with shacks and tourists flocking to see the sunrises and sunsets. Water sports the backbone of Goa tourism industry is bustling with its activities on the waves and the skies. This time of the year is good to try out some of the most popular water sports of Goa that are easy to master with professional and guides that make sure you have a good time in the sea. Here are few of the water activities not to leave Goa without trying.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving is one of the most popular activities under water. Tourists in Goa love the thrill of this sport as they get to explore the underwater marine life. To enjoy this sport you will need to do basic training with an instructor who will guide you on the steps and the precautions to be taken under water.

The main items of diving are the scuba breathing set that has the oxygen tank and a tube. The tube is connected to a mouthpiece enabling you to inhale under water. Before the main sea journey you will be trained in a pool and then taken in the deep sea for some great exploring under water. See the coral reefs and the fish and the algae and get to know how this beautiful natural life underwater thrives

Jet Skiing

Jet skiing is the water scooter ride on the waves of Goa. The thrill of riding and maneuvering the emerald waters is an experience like no other. The Jet Ski rides are available in Candolim, Baga, Vagator and Anjuna some of the most popular beaches of Goa

The ride may seem tough initially but with a little practice and tips from the guides on how to regulate the bike in water, you will enjoy this sport very much. The tour guides make sure you are given a life jacket and dressed appropriately it is advised not to drive the Jet Ski under influence of alcohol and wear comfortable clothes like tshirt and shorts. This ride is also suitable for children 10 years and above and should be driven under parental guidance.


Parasailing is for high fliers who love gallivanting in the clouds. This game of being on top of the waves is nothing but a thrilling adventure sports. This requires you to be in air for a particular duration of time in Parasail equipment. The other end of the rope which is around 200 to 300 ft is tied to a speedboat below in the water. Once the boat speeds in the waters you are automatically lifted in air. It’s a comfortable journey up in the clouds as you don’t have to worry about where you go. The boat will take you around and you can enjoy the scenic area view of the coastline.


Snorkelling in Goa is a day trip activity at Grand Island in Goa. The reason this island is selected as it has multiple island you can visit at the same time and see different variety of fishes and marine life. This sport requires a diving mask and a tube caller a snorkel which helps stay under water longer. There is no artificial breathing here so an individual will have to hold breathe underwater and manage to swim. This is more suitable sport for swimmers and adults.

Ringo and Banana Ride

Ringo ride and Banana ride are recreational water sports for every age. With some guidance and instructions you can do this popular sport without any training. A circular or narrow tube is placed on the surface of the water and multiple participants can sit in the tube depending on its size. Once balanced the tube is attached to a speed boat with a long roam. The fun and excitement begins when the boat speeds up and takes you on a joyful ride in the water. The excitement is doubled when you tumble out of the Ringo or Banana and try to get in. Since there is a life jacket you don’t have to worry about drowning and will be floating in the water.

Rides that you can enjoy with family and friends

Fun rides on the beaches in Goa can be enjoyed in groups as you want someone to click your pictures while you are in the water. Your heart beat is going to race faster than the speed boats and you will never want to leave this beautiful land.

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