Dolphin Trip in Goa at the Pristine White Beaches

Dolphin Trip in Goa at the Pristine White Beaches

The Arabian Sea is host to one of the most peaceful creatures, The Dolphin. The dolphins that live in the Goa coastal water are the humped dolphin species. They have a hump on the extended back flipper of the adult species. Each dolphin can grow from 1.8 to 2.4 meter and with from 100 – 140 kgs. To view this humble creature you have to make a trip early morning in the calm weather when water activities are less in the region. There are only a few selected beaches that are known for dolphin sighting and listed below.

Palolem Beach

Retaining its most natural habitat Palolem beach is popular for its pristine clean waters and less crowd. This beach has spots for dolphin spotting. There are a dozen local boats and fishermen who can take you in the waters for a fee to the spots where you can get lucky to see the grey creatures. While you are here you can also check out the Butterfly island close by and relax in the sand while you can catch a glimpse of the dolphin and also some other sea creatures.

Coco Beach

A hidden beach amongst the busy north goa craziness on a narrow road past Candolim is the Coco Beach. The beach was famous for rave parties once upon a time. This is a great spot to take a Dolphin boat trip and you will be able to spot some of them at a reasonable price. You can hire a boat to view the awesome scenery along the river and take some photos of the natural habitat

Cavelossim Beach

Cavelossim is the hotspot for some of the major five star resorts in Goa. Apart from the local markets, shacks that serve delicious sea food there are boat trips that take you out in the sea for Dolphin spotting. The dolphins are very friendly and you can even get a chance to see them swimming next to your boat and get a good photograph. Head to the Sal river for a mesmerizing sunset and end your trip with this glorious sight.

Sinquerim Beach

Fort Aquada is a popular tourist destination along the Sinquerim Beach. This beach bustling with shacks, water sports activities and a lot of sunset viewers who flock here for a glimpse. The beach has some pricey boat trips and you surely can spot dolphins on this trip as many of them venture out in the sea in this area. You will get to see the Fort Aquada jail and the famous Jimmy Millionaire’s house on the hilltop.

Morjim Beach

Morjim is home to Olive Ridley turtles and this quiet relaxing beach. You will also get to see a houseboat here and not much of activities are allowed due to the nesting place. Some boat tours take place in this area for Dolphin spotting, you can hire a local fishermen’s boat to take you into the sea in the morning.

Protect the endangered species of the sea

Though Dolphin spotting is an activity offered on the famous beaches of Goa we have to respect the quietness of the place and not disturb the natural habitat and get close to this creature. Some of the NGOs are involved in educating the fishermen to not harm the Dolphin in the process of taking the boats too close for the tourist to photograph this creature. Also throwing thrash in the sea should be avoided so that the cleanliness of the beaches is maintained for years to come. Make this trip a memorable one with a relaxing attitude of the Dolphins.

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