Best Beaches to do Parasailing in Goa

Best Beaches to do Parasailing in Goa

Parasailing is an entertaining water sport with two significant instruments- parachute and speedboat. The parachute is fastened to the speed boat which propels you up in the air at a height of 300 feet. You get to experience the Ariel view of the natural beauty of the coast around the famous beaches of Goa. We have listed some famous beaches where parasailing can be enjoyed.

Parasailing at Calangute Beach

Calangute beach is the most popular beaches visited by tourists. Try some exotic sea food and goan cuisine at the numerous shacks along the beach. Parasailing in calangute can be done with other water sports, take a package which will be less expensive. You can get a view of fort Aguada from top while you are enjoying this sport. This 30 mins sport will cost you around 1000 per head if you take a package.

Parasailing at Candolim Beach

Candolim is a sloppy beach with sand dunes, the River Princess is stuck at the shores of Candolim since 2000 which is yet to be restored. The ship is home to many fishes, oysters which is frequented by local fishermen. Parasailing and other sports happen in full swing here as it’s less crowded. The cost is around 400 for a 20 mins trip.

Parasailing at Baga Beach

Head to Baga beach for an amazing nightlife, music and parties. Visit the famous shack Britto’s for best cuisine in Goa like seafood and beer. A perfect place to do parasailing here to get a view of the busy coastal activities. The 45 mins activity will cost you around 600.

Parasailing at Majorda Beach

Majorda beach has some resorts like Majorda beach resort, Alila Diwa and Park Hyatt Resort and Spa. This busy South Goa beach has leisure water activities. You will get a glimpse of all the five star resorts when you do parasailing here. It will cost you around 800 to do a 20 min activity.

Parasailing at Anjuna Beach

The first hippies came to Anjuna and settled here in the 70s. It is famous for the anjuna flea market which happens every Wednesday where you can pick up clothes, jewellery and other items at a bargained rate. Parasailing here gives you glimpse of the mystical rock formations that will give you a picturesque view of the natural structure. A watersports package here costs around 2000 and you can enjoy a variety of sports.

Parasailing at Colva Beach

One of the most crowded beaches of South Goa and famous for shawarma it is visited by a lot of tourists from outside Goa. There is a lot of fishing activity on this beach. Parasailing here will give you an Ariel view of the many trawlers and the small boats and fishermen houses along the coast. A 20 mins activity will cost you around 800 rupees.

Parasailing at Vagator Beach

Vagator beach can be seen in many hindi movies and the beautiful majestic Charpora Fort is the most clicked structure of Goa. The water here is clear and blue and you can get the glimpse of the hilly area when parasailing in the seas. It will roughly cost you around 1000 for a 25 mins activity.

Parasailing at Bogmalo Beach

Located in Vasco this beach is close to the Goa airport. The luxury hotel Bogmalo beach resort is a popular relaxing spot for foreign tourists who come to soak up in the sun on the beach beds. Parasailing on this beach will give you a view of the red cliffs around this area. A 20 mins activity will cost you around 800 rupees.

Parasailing at Sinquerim Beach

Sinquerim beach has the famous SinQ club and Taj resorts along the coast. The beautiful sinquerim fort can be seen when you do parasailing here. The mud road next to the Taj resort can be accessed by the public to go to the fort and take some scenic photos in the small windows that the fort has. The beach is tagged as a queen of water sports.

Few things to remember before you start parasailing in Goa

Wear light casual clothes and do not wear any expensive jewellery or watches. Since you will be out in the sun it would be advisable to wear sunscreen and eyewear if needed. Carry an extra pair of clothes and towels as you will land in the water at the end of the trip. If you have any heart ailment or back problems then don’t exert yourself much. Also, avoid parasailing in rough seas and strong winds. If you take care of these few things it will make your parasailing experience enjoyable.

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